Coping with dyslexia in the upper primary years

Success and Dyslexia is a unique, evidence-based program that assists all upper primary students, but especially those with dyslexia, to increase their ability to take control of and cope well with the problems that occur in their lives. 

Because dyslexia is often highly resistant to improvement despite dedicated literacy and numeracy teaching interventions, this groundbreaking resource focuses instead on adaptive coping skills as a powerful determinant of life success.

Underpinned by cognitive behavioural principles and recent coping and learning disabilities research, Success and Dyslexia concentrates intensively on three key skill areas: awareness and strengthening of current coping methods, challenging self-defeating thoughts, and assertion skills to discover needs and ask appropriately for support. 

An accompanying CD contains interviews, role plays, useful resources and weblinks, as well as handouts for classroom use.


Success and Dyslexia: Sessions for coping in the upper primary years (ACER)

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