Surfing great rides the wave of life

Last March, Newcastle’s Merewether Beach hosted the 27th Surfest event. The drawcard for most of the world ranked surfers was the presence of four times world surfing champion Mark Richards.

Even if the beach isn’t your preferred destination, or surfing isn’t your bag, you will know the name of Mark Richards, nature’s gentleman.

When we caught up with him at Merewether Beach, he questioned the fact that many surfers fail to elicit happiness from the surfing experience. He adds that so many surfers wear an angry face and don’t appear to get any fun out of the experience.

His faith in young people is heightened by the overseas students who study at Newcastle University. He loves their appreciation for all the area has to offer, including the town beaches that are looked down upon by locals: “It’s all paradise”.

Mark doesn’t recommend that kids follow the example he set while a student at Sacred Heart Primary and later Marist Brothers Hamilton. Surfing was not a school sport back then so he would sneak out of school.

Mark is philosophical about life and doesn’t worry about what others think. He treats people the way he likes to me treated. 


MR rides the wave of life (Aurora)