Feature - Be reasonable when reading the Bible

It can be reasonably easy to identify and take issue with the cruder fundamentalist approaches to Biblical text, especially if one is Catholic and less reliant on "the whole text, and nothing but the text", for answers to life’s questions.

We can happily believe in a 15 billion year old universe and the theory of evolution, side by side with a sophisticated understanding of the Biblical legends of creation and the fall.  We don’t need to be literal: metaphors and myths can still state important truths about the world as it is.  But it is perhaps useful to remind ourselves that it is only in the last sixty years that Catholics have been officially allowed to read the first three chapters of Genesis as non-historical texts written by someone other than Moses.  It was only under John Paul II that Darwin’s theory of evolution received a green (rather than amber) light from a Pope. - Fr John Moffatt, Thinking Faith (click below for full article)


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