City bin stickers to aid priest's homeless foundation


In a bid to highlight homelessness, the Melbourne-based Father Bob Maguire Foundation has launched an advertising campaign on CBD rubbish bins featuring a knife, fork and folded napkins arranged over the top of the bins.

The Sunday Age reports the homeless charity run by Fr Bob Maguire aims to draw attention to the daily plight of hundreds of Melburnians forced to scavenge for scraps to survive.

The ad features stickers of a knife, fork and napkin carefully arranged on the top of a bin to represent a dinner plate. A message from the priest's foundation reads: "For the homeless, every day is a struggle."

Scores of council rubbish bins around the CBD will be displaying the ads this month with the aim of raising awareness and cash for the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, which provides care for the hundreds forced to sleep rough on the streets.

"I'm delighted with the ad, as it really challenges passers-by to consider the plight of those who may be less fortunate," Fr Maguire told The Sunday Age.

"For many people in Melbourne, the day-to-day reality is that they have to trawl through bins to find food. That's their existence."

The campaign is the creation of the ad agency Clemenger, which did all work free of charge. Copywriter Ant White, 24, who was baptised by Fr Maguire, came up with the concept with art director Russel Fox.

Mr White's father, Tony, organised fund-raising events almost 30 years ago for Open Family Australia, a charity the Catholic priest founded to help troubled teenagers.

Fr Maguire, 73, estimates his foundation needs about $300,000 a year. "As well as giving people things like soup and food, we really try and give them back some hope," he said


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