Protestors storm Chancery in Caracas

The Archdiocese of Caracas was taken hostage for several hours by supporters of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez who staged a protest against the Church.

Catholic News Agency reports the group of 15 Chavistas violently took over the chancery of the Archdiocese of Caracas, expelling the officials working inside, including Bishop Jesús González de Zárate,

The protestors - of which some were wearing masks - were led into the Church's premises by Lina Ron, a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

The Archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, was not at the chancery at the time of the attack.

After taking control of the chancery, Lina Ron read a manifesto which condemned the Catholic Church for its alleged support of the April 2002 failed coup attempt against President Chavez.

Ron also accused the Apostolic Nunciature of being "counter revolutionary," for giving political refuge to Nixon Moreno, a university student who led several demonstrations against Chavez until he was declared a criminal by the government.

But the demonstrator's main target was the last standing independent TV station Globovision.

"We would like to put a bomb on it, but we will leave that to anyone's initiative," Ron read from her manifesto.


Supporters of Hugo Chavez invade chancery, expel the Bishop
(CNA 28/02/08)

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