Riley warns Nile off

Youth Off the Streets' founder Fr Chris Riley has slammed Fred Nile for using the Bible to divide rather than unify people from all religions.

The Camden Advertiser reports Fr Riley was outraged that a “minister of religion” entered the debate on the proposed Islamic school in the area.

“I challenge Camden residents to accept everyone as their brother or sister and to forget notions of race,” Fr Riley said.

“There is only one race on this planet the human race,” he said.

Fr Riley added that as a nation, we must be rational and accepting and not allow extremists to dominate.

“Religion can be the most divisive thing around and that's tragic, because religion should be about unifying and bringing people together," he said.

“I am proud that as a Catholic priest, to have been in Aceh in Indonesia a Muslim orphanage where people could put religious differences aside to help children in need.

"I get really upset when I hear about Christians who condemn, when we're told not to judge," he said.

Riley slams Nile (Camden Advertiser 30/01/08)

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