Baby survives mistaken abortion in Italy

Church authorities in Italy have slammed a doctor involved in a mistaken abortion attempt that left an Italian baby born at 22 weeks fighting for his life after an erroneous diagnosis of a birth defect.

Playfuls quotes Italian news service ANSA as saying that the mother decided to abort the fetus after it was mistakenly diagnosed with a birth defect.

LifeNews adds that doctors are working furiously to save the baby which survived the attempt.

However, the child subsequently suffered a brain hemorrhage and is not expected to survive.

Careggi University Hospital in Florence, which is still reeling from the discovery last month that three patients received organs from an HIV-positive donor, defended the attempted abortion.

Doctors at the hospital performed two ultrasounds on the boy and his mother and they said he had a defective esophagus.

However, during the abortion procedure it was discovered that the baby boy was healthy and doctors desperately tried to resuscitate him.

According to The Australian newspaper, the boy was transferred to the city's children's hospital because Careggi didn't have room for follow-up care in the intensive care unit.

Hospital officials said their physicians advised the mother to have further diagnostic tests but that she opted for the abortion after consulting with a private doctor.

Doctors later said the ultrasound tests did not completely show the baby's body and that an incomplete diagnostic test with an ultrasound happens in one per cent of the cases.

Catholic lawmakers and pro-life groups are accusing the hospital of breaching Italy's abortion law, which allows late-term abortions only when the mother's health is at risk or the fetus is shown to have serious defects that constitute "a grave danger for the physical or mental health of the woman."

The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano is outraged by the abortion and said a human life had been "thrown away in the horrible bureaucracy of a culture that rejects diversity and disability."

It condemned the physician who suggested the abortion as "not only morally but also ethically censurable."

US Catholic newspaper tells readers not to vote for Guilani over abortion

In another story, US Catholic newspaper, The National Catholic Register is telling readers that Catholics should not support White House hopeful Rudy Giuliani because of his support for allowing women access to abortions, FoxNews says.

The National Catholic Register's editorial urges anti-abortion voters to choose another candidate other than Giuliani.

"A Republican party led by a pro-abortion politician would become a pro-abortion party," according to the editorial that appears on the website and is set to appear next week in the newspaper's print edition.

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