Indonesian militia razed Dili church, Timor Bishop recalls

Testifying at the Indonesia-East Timor Truth Commission, former Dili Bishop Carlos Belo said that Indonesian forces and their militia allies had systematically razed the diocese's compound as well as other churches, killing several clergy and an unknown number of others.

Deutsche Presse Argentur reports that Bishop Belo, who headed the Archdiocese of Dili during the 1999 rampage, was the star witness as the Indonesia-East Timor Commission of Truth and Friendship resumed public hearings in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Speaking in Portuguese, the official language of the now independent East Timor, Bishop Belo calmly recalled how army-trained Timorese militias and Indonesian soldiers systematically carried out the destruction and killings in Dili and two districts.

The carnage, in which at least 1,500 were killed, began just after voters in East Timor, a former Portuguese colony invaded by Indonesia in 1975, voted overwhelmingly for independence in a United Nations-run referendum on 30 August 1999.

Bishop Belo said that by 4 September, "the militias and Indonesian military had already attacked the diocese", while priests inside were sheltering civilian refugees. "We don't know how many people were killed."

The bishop said under questioning by the 10-member commission that gross human rights violations occurred, but urged the countries to "forget the past and look to the future".

"If we look back at the past, we will open up old wounds and delve back into the hatred," Bishop Belo, a native Timorese who now lives abroad, said during his testimony.

The commission aims to establish the truth behind the violence and clarify the history of the two countries, as well as to investigate the actions of the Indonesian military as they withdrew from the territory, and those of local militia groups.

The five Indonesian commission members spent Monday's morning session questioning the accuracy of Bishop Belo's testimony. They asked whether the UN "cheated" in running the poll, if the Catholic Church sided with the pro-independence movement, and whether the violence was only carried out by Timorese upset at the referendum result.

One commission member asked whether Bishop Belo may have set fire to his own house - while inside it - when it was surrounded by militia thugs who later razed it to the ground.

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