Rape video sent to girl's schoolmates

Five teenagers from Sydney's South West were arrested yesterday on charges of raping a student and sending mobile phone video of the attack to the victim's former Catholic high schoolmates.

Police allege the girl, 17, had no memory of the alleged 9 January attack - only becoming aware of it when she was shown the footage by one of her attackers four days later, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The horrific details of the alleged attack were revealed in Parramatta Children's Court yesterday during bail applications by two of the alleged attackers, both aged 17.

One of the teenagers who faced court was accused of recording the alleged attack on his mobile phone and later sending it via Bluetooth to friends - including students at the victim's former Catholic high school.

The court heard the girl had no recollection of the alleged gang rape or being dumped on the front door of her house minus her underwear. She was found the next morning by her mother.

The court heard the teenager had earlier agreed to meet with one of the accused - who was a friend of hers - and was taken to a house in Green Valley.

While at the house, a group of seven males and the teenager allegedly "played card games and consumed alcohol".

The girl told police she drank four drinks in "quick succession before becoming very drunk".

Police prosecutor Graham Wedge said the victim as in a "drunken stupor".

During the alleged assault, a Year 12 high school student - "got his mobile phone and began to record this using the phone's video recorder".

"The victim could be seen on the video recording trying to push (the accused teenagers) away and trying to get up from the bed," the statement said.

The court heard the police were notified after teachers at the victim's former Catholic high school became aware of the footage.

Magistrate Antony Townsden yesterday refused both teenagers bail and remanded them into custody until 31 May.

Three other teenagers are expected to face court today. The teenagers face up to 20 years jail if convicted, the Telegraph says.

Rape filmed on mobile (Daily Telegraph, 5/4/07)

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