Don't leave climate change to scientists: Cardinal Martino

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace head, Cardinal Renato Martino says that everyone needs to be concerned about climate change, not just scientists.

The International Herald Tribune reports that Cardinal Martino made the comments following a closed door Vatican seminar on climate change last week.

Experts, politicians and religious authorities from around the world have been invited to take part in discussions about climate change and development.

"Those with greater resources to deal with these changes can be calmer, while those which don't have these resources have more reason to worry," Cardinal Martino told Vatican Radio.

"Certainly in this field, we appeal ever more for international solidarity."

"It is important not to leave (these problems) only to scientists, but we must also question ourselves about it and thus understand how all of us" can contribute to solving and containing the situation, Martino said in the radio interview.

Martino cited statistics indicating wealthy nations use a far higher proportion of energy than more populous, poorer nations. "Thus there are some clear imbalances," and lifestyle changes are needed as part of the solution, he said.

Vatican cardinal says tackling climate change should not be left to scientists (International Herald Tribune, 26/4/07)

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