Hobart Archbishop urges Upper House to reject cloning bill

Hobart Archbishop Adrian Doyle has urged Tasmanian Legislative Councillors to reject moves to allow the creation of human embryos for experimentation and destruction because other more ethical and scientifically proven methods of stem cell research already exist.

Archbishop Doyle (pictured) said while he shared the hope advances in biotechnology would bring about cures for many illnesses, such as Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes and cystic fibrosis, human cloning for research was not an option.

“All Catholics recognize the potential good that biotechnology may bring to the health and well-being of the Tasmanian community,” Archbishop Doyle said

“However, the Human Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007 would permit scientists in Tasmania to create human embryos solely for destructive research.

“Human embryos are not raw materials for research. They are human beings at the very beginning of life.”

Archbishop Doyle said if the legislation was to pass, it would create in two classes of human beings – those created to live and those created to be killed.

“There are currently over 80 therapies and around 300 clinical trials underway using non-embryonic human stem cells,” he said.

“Legislative Councillors should be aware that voting against this Bill will not deny Tasmanians the chance to benefit from the great scientific advances already being made in stem cell research,”

Doyle reiterated Catholics supported ethical research and therapy which embodied respect for embryonic as well as adult human beings, but that this legislation did not measure up ethically and it should be rejected.

MLCs urged to reject human cloning bill (Archdiocese of Hobart 1/11/07)

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