Pell says religion "refusing to die"

Religion is not only refusing to die out in modern Australian life but there is "some real danger" of its revival and growth, says the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell.

Cardinal Pell was speaking at the Sydney Institute launch last night of his book God and Caesar, which revisits his themes of rampant liberal secularism and defends the right of the church to champion pro-life causes.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that he accused the minor political parties and sections of the media, of wanting to exclude the church from legitimate public discussion.

Issues such as cloning and biotechnology are likely to give rise to tension between religion and secularist democracy in the years ahead and a large battle is looming over human rights and anti-discrimination legislation.

The book is a compilation of 10 short essays and ponders the relationship between politics in faith, drawing its title from Matthew 22:21 when Jesus Christ declares that religious teachings are separate from earthly political activity.

"A bit more religion here and there is something most will easily take in their stride, and probably nearly as many would be uneasy if religious voices were completely silent," he said.

Cardinal Pell said a "false analogy" between alleged discrimination against homosexuals and racial discrimination is beginning to appear in Australia. He cited English newspaper reports of two foster parents to 28 children being forced to give up their work because authorities wanted them to teach that homosexual relationships were as acceptable as heterosexual marriages.

Barring terrorist attacks the prospects for continuing religious peace in Australia are good, though the presence of Muslim minorities in Western countries will remain a concern, and fostering leadership in local Muslim communities is crucial.

Religious life a native species, Pell declares (Sydney Morning Herald 29/10/07)

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