Hussey Dala: one refugee's story

Hazara refugee Hussey Dala and his family fled Afghanistan after the murder of his brother and the abduction of his father by the Taliban. In 2001, Hussey risked his life with a people smuggler for the chance of life in Australia. After two years’ detention in Nauru, he was eventually granted an Australian visa.

 - Kairos/CAM

Tell me about your life in Afghanistan as a Hazara.

Hazaras are honest, peace-loving people. Hazaras live in the central part of Afghanistan and comprise the third largest ethnic group. Centuries ago, Hazaras use to live in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, until they were expelled by Abdur Rahman in 1893. Hazaras are mainly Shi’ite Muslims; the majority in Afghanistan are Sunni. I was born in a village called Dallah, I grew up in a big family. I have two sisters and four brothers. Life was peaceful, there was no fighting and no discrimination, although life was harsh.

When the Taliban came to power, their target was to kill young people, especially those who were educated. Because my brother was a successful businessman, he was killed by the Taliban. My brothers witnessed his murder. The Taliban beheaded people. The Taliban are very cruel; they have very ancient ideas for a modern world.

I went to a private school, one of the few schools open during the civil war. I was very happy as a child and I thought of my future. Unfortunately all those dreams were taken by the Taliban. We don’t know what will happen after 2014, if the Taliban again come to power. Afghanistan will be hell for the Hazaras.

Why and how did you come to Australia?

I knew that Australia was a safe country of love and opportunity, and that’s why I left Pakistan in 2001. I knew that otherwise one day I would be a victim. At the time a lot of Hazaras were leaving Pakistan.

FULL STORY Face to Face with Hussey Dala (CAM)

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