Francis denounces 'idolatry of money' by big business

Hope for unemployed

Pope Francis has denounced what he called big business's idolatry of money in a speech to thousands in Sardinia, one of Italy's poorest regions, reports AP in The Huffington Post.

'Where there is no work, there is no dignity,' the Pope said on Sunday, leaving aside his prepared remarks as he spoke off the cuff to the crowd in Cagliari, telling them he knew well what it was like to suffer from financial crisis.

Francis recalled that his Italian parents, who immigrated to Argentina before he was born, spoke about it often at home. 'My young father went to Argentina full of illusions of making it in America,' a somber Francis told the crowd at the start of a daylong visit to the island. 'And he suffered the terrible crisis of the 1930s. They lost everything. There was no work.'

He said it's easy for a priest to come and tell the poor to have courage, but that he really meant it. Amid shouts of 'Lavoro! Lavoro!' (Work! Work!), Francis called for a dignified work for all.

Sardinia, known for its pristine beaches and swank vacation homes, has been particularly hard-hit by Italy's economic crisis, with businesses closing and more and more of the island's families forced to seek charity. The island's desperation made headlines last year when a coal miner, participating in an underground sit-in to protest the planned closure of the mine, slashed his wrists on television.

Unemployment in Italy is at 12 percent, with youth unemployment a staggering 39.5 percent. In Sardinia and the rest of Italy's south and islands, the figures are even worse: Unemployment is nearing 20 percent, with youth unemployment at 50 percent.

Francis told the Sardinians, some of whom wore hardhats from their defunct factory jobs, that the economic problems were the result of a global economic system 'that has at its center an idol called money.'

Photo: Pope Francis delivers his message at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Bonaria, to celebrate a mass on the occasion of his one-day visit to the island of Sardinia

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