Invitations open for stem-cell research grant

Researchers invited

Australian-based academics and researchers have been invited to apply for the Archdiocese of Sydney's sixth $100,000 grant to support important research into the therapeutic potential of adult stem cells, reports C-Mail.

During the past 10 years, the Archdiocese has made five such grants to leading Australian researchers to fund their studies into adult stem cells and how these non-embryonic stem cells might provide pathways to cutting edge new treatments and long-term perhaps eventually possible cures for many debilitating and widespread conditions and diseases.

'Adult stem cell research has provided healing and hope without any destruction to human life and without all the problems to which embryonic stem cell research gives rise,' the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell said when launching the Archdiocese's grants program for Adult Stem Cell Research in 2003.

Applications for the 2013 grant close on thursday and will be assessed by an independent panel whose members include leaders in science and ethics.
Among the criteria for all applicants is that their research meets the highest international standards of scientific excellence, with further consideration given to the therapeutic applications likely to arise from the research. The panel will also look at whether the research is innovative and displays novelty in its experimental approach, and the track record of success by the researcher in the undertaking of similar or related research in this field.

The Archdiocese grant of $100,000 is also awarded on the basis matching dollar-for-dollar funds have been secured from another source.

An initiative of Cardinal Pell, the Archdiocese's first grant of $50,000 for adult stem cell research was  awarded to Professor Alan Mackay-Sim of Griffith University for a project designed to find out if adult stem cells derived from the nose of patients with Parkinson's disease had therapeutic potential in the treatment of Parkinson's as well as controlling or easing symptoms.

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