House belonging to Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem demolished

Patriarch Twal in the ruins

Israeli authorities have demolished a house belonging to Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which the Patriarch has described as "an act of vandalism that infringes international law,” reports Vatican Insider.

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, made the comments as he stood amongst the ruins of a Palestinian home, a week after it was demolished by the Israeli authority.

Patriarch Twal, auxiliary bishops and numerous Christians living in the Holy Land took part in angry protests on Tuesday afternoon, held just a few metres away from the check-point that separates Jerusalem from Bethlehem. The outcry was accompanied by a powerful letter of protest  addressed to the Israeli interior minister.

The incident took place at dawn on October 28, when bulldozers rolled up to raze the building to the ground. The house was located 150 metres from the check-point, at the foot of Tantur hill, near the Jewish neighbourhood of Gilo. The family that lived in the house which belonged to the Latin Patriarchate, said: “They turned up at five in the morning. They forced us to go out of our house.

"They took our cell phones away and forbid us from letting anyone know. We stood there and watched as the bulldozers demolished the house.”

This is the latest in a string of demolitions of Palestinian homes, ordered in recent days by the East Jerusalem municipality. The official reason given is to do with town planning regulations: Israeli authorities are knocking the houses down because they claim “these were built without legal permits.”

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