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If you enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as drinking coffee whilst leafing through a coffee table book, then you may just have found the ultimate caffeine companion: The Vatican: All The Paintings, writes Artshub.

Be aware however that with over 500 pages and a weight seemingly not far off that number in kilos, you will need to drink an awful lot of the black stuff in order to get through the whole thing; and indeed to give you the energy to actually lift it.

Following on in the same fashion as Black Dog & Leventhal’s 2011 publication Louvre: All the Paintings this latest release takes us on a journey through another one of the world’s great artistic wonderlands: the Vatican Museums. The formula for this and its companion is quite unique and will have wide appeal. For this is not just an impressive looking art book filled with beautiful photographs, but a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide through the various museums and spaces of this spiritual capital.

This book is not organised by artist name, style, or timeline, but by the actual museums themselves; and because of this we are given a much clearer understanding of how the Vatican’s formidable collection was formed, and how it has evolved over the past 500 years.

The introductions to each section - there are 22 in total - are a highlight, with each one representing areas such as the Pinacoteca Vaticana, St. Peter's Basilica & Vatican Palaces and giving insight into when and why they were built, and who instigated their construction in the first place. We should never forget that the popes were among the first sovereigns to open their palaces to the public in order to promote art and knowledge. 

All 661 of the Vatican’s permanent classical paintings collection are featured within in this single volume, including many of the world’s most important religious works from the 450 paintings within the pontifical collection.

FULL STORY The Vatican: All The Paintings

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