March for Life: American youth protest for the unborn

Big turnout

Young people from around the US and its territories travelled hundreds, even thousands of kilometres, through winter weather conditions to attend the March for Life in Washington, and speak out in defence of the unborn, reports the Catholic News Agency.

Timothy Olive, 21, from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, travelled over 2400km by plane to attend the March, along with more than 70 people from the territory's diocese.

'This is a special event for us … because we're a U.S. territory, the laws of abortion apply down there. There's lots of abortions. We have to step up to the plate and do what we have to do,' Olive told CNA during Wednesday's event.

The day before the March for Life, a snowstorm travelled through the northeastern United States, leaving more than six inches of snow in Washington, DC. Temperatures in the nation's capital dipped into the single digits the morning of January 22, rising only to the low teens for the March itself.

While the unexpected weather disrupted some travel plans – particularly from pro-life supporters coming from east coast cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, the foul weather did not keep the hundreds of thousands of participants in the March for Life indoors.

While no official attendance count has yet been released, in the past several years between 350,000 and 650,000 people have participated in the March for Life.

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