Pope may watch 'anti-Catholic' film in private screening

Philomena and Judi Dench

In an extraordinary move, Academy Award-nominated Philomena, billed by one New York critic as a ‘hateful’ attack on Catholicism, may be screened in front of the Pope, reports The Mail Online

A spokesman for the drama by Stephen Frears, about a woman forcibly separated from her child in the 1950s, said last night that talks with the Vatican were under way about arranging a private screening.

'We asked for an audience with the Pope and we are in talks with the Vatican about screening the movie to Pope Francis.

‘This has been done through an intermediary and we have had a very good reception.’

The movie has been nominated for Best Picture at both the Baftas and the Oscars. But the story – about shamed Irishwoman Philomena Lee’s journey to be reunited with her son, who was taken from her by nuns and sold for adoption to a family in America at three – has deeply upset many factions of the Catholic faith.

They have accused film makers of distorting the truth about the order of Irish nuns portrayed in  the movie.

FULL STORY Moves to invite Pope to private screening of Philomena (The Mail Online)

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