CEO Sydney head supports ‘rethink’ of My School website

Website rethink call

Dr Dan White, the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, says that it is time for a review and evaluation of the My School website.

His comments in a media statement follow a call on Friday by NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli for the scrapping of the My School website, arguing that the money allocated to build and maintain it could be used more effectively on improving teacher quality.

While Dr White believes that parents are entitled to have access to accurate information about their child’s school, he supports the Minister’s position that the publication of NAPLAN testing has, in some cases, provided unnecessary stress for students. He also agreed with the Minister that the site should not be used as a marketing tool for schools.

'Information gleaned from NAPLAN can provide very important diagnostic information for schools and for parents,' Dr White said. 'However, simplistic comparisons between
schools and the ranking of schools are unhelpful and do little to enhance learning outcomes for students.' 

Dr White also strongly endorsed the Minister’s view that it is the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place in schools that matters above all else, and that improving teacher quality should be one the government’s highest priorities.

'Our system of schools recognises that quality teachers make the big difference,' Dr White said. 'With this in mind, I would welcome a rethinking of the My School site if it meant the
release of additional funding to build the capacity of teachers.'


CEO chief supports review of My School website (CEO Sydney)

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