The Digital Nun

Digital Nun

Sister Catherine Wybourne OSB is a Benedictine nun, Prioress of Howton Grove Priory, Hereford, UK and a well-known commentator in the UK media with an internet presence as the Digitalnun.

She has written on the finance sector — her former employment was as a banker — and on the digital age. She is a blogger and IT worker and writes on faith issues more generally, especially monasticism and the Rule of St Benedict. She contributes a weekly column to The Universe, a Catholic newspaper.

Apart from her blog site iBenedictines, Dame Catherine has a Facebook page which chronicles the activities of the Priory, and one of its heroes, the hound Br Duncan.

Here is last Friday's entry for the Feast of the Assumption: 'Exhausting day, but new shed duly erected and two metric tons of logs put into the log store; front flower beds weeded; 14 emails written (forgive me if none was to you); car washed; some hours of community prayer + personal + lectio divina; short blog post tapped out; two vocation enquiries replied to; Bro Duncan PBGV given a confidential chat; lunch cooked (and eaten); time given to Twitter and FB (?). In short, just a normal Solemnity at the monastery.'

Find iBenedictines here.