Vatican office calls religious Orders to shed wealth

Called to reject wealth

The Vatican office responsible for 900,000 priests, brothers and sisters around the world has called on them to re-evaluate their holdings of wealth and issue critiques of the global economy, calling it unjust to the neediest, reports NCR.

Holding a conference near the Vatican for some 500 treasurers of the global orders Saturday and Sunday, the Vatican office looked back to the earliest teachings of the church, calling on the religious to reject accumulation of goods in order to follow Jesus, 'the poor man who lives in solidarity with the poor'.

Those were the words of Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo, the secretary of the Vatican congregation, who in opening remarks also said, 'Disciples must have nothing, not bread, not money in their bags.'

Carballo continued, critiquing orders that have accumulated wealth over the years: 'We always justify accumulation for the mission, but then that money doesn't arrive at the mission.'

Accumulating such wealth, the archbishop said, 'entails the danger of not being in the presence of God ... to lose the memory of God -- trust in him -- and forgetting about the poor.'

FULL STORY  Vatican office calls religious sisters, priests to live poorly, reject capitalism

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