Large rally expected to support asylum seekers

Retired Bishop Pat Power

Retired Bishop Pat Power, of Canberra and Goulburn, said a Palm Sunday rally in Canberra to support refugees will be an opportunity for the wider community to give expression to 'what's deep in the heart of many,' reports The Canberra Times.

Organisers of a rally in Canberra to support refugees expect a big crowd to show their objection to the 'harsh, selfish and xenophobic' policies of the major political parties.

'That is the deep dissatisfaction about the policies of both major political parties in regard to refugees and asylum seekers,' Bishop Power said. 'Just listening to ordinary people I mix with, I think they're appalled at these very harsh policies that are being enacted.'

The Federal government has boasted of more than 100 days since a boat arrival and has begun talks to send asylum seekers to Cambodia after processing in Nauru or PNG.

Bishop Power suggested Australia's reputation could be harmed. 'When I look at other countries and the way in which seemingly there is a great more generosity shown than there is here, and especially here in Australia we pride ourselves on giving a fair go to people,' he said.

'I recognise the complexity of the problem that faces the political parties but that hardline attitude that is taken is, I think, a very selfish one in the sense, "don't in any way upset our comfortable way of life".'

FULL STORY Thousands expected to rally in protest at 'harsh' treatment of asylum seekers (The Canberra Times)

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