TJH Council says former principal gave ‘untruthful’ evidence

Claims against principal

A former school principal lied to the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sex Abuse to deflect attention from himself, according to a submission by the Truth Justice and Healing Council, reports The Courier Mail.

The submission by the Truth And Justice Healing Council, which acts on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba and the Toowoomba Catholic Education Office, claims former Queensland principal Terence Hayes gave 'untruthful' evidence at a hearing in February.

It goes further to say Mr Hayes should not be considered a credible witness. Mr Hayes failed to report the offences of teacher Gerard Byrnes, who raped and assaulted 13 children.

He claimed it was not procedure to report the allegations to police and he had not had the appropriate training.

In a written submission, the Church parties claim Mr Hayes’ version of events was 'untruthful.'

'The Church parties submit that the evidence given by Mr Hayes that he had been complying with a direction that principals had been given in not reporting the matter immediately to police but instead contacting the CEO as a first port of call should be considered an untruth made to deflect attention from his own actions,' the submission said.

'The Church parties submit … that Mr Hayes is not a ­credible witness,' the submission says.


Catholic Church says former Queensland principal Terence Hayes gave ‘untruthful’ evidence at royal commission (The Courier Mail)

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