Lust - a cool look at a deadly sin


ABC TV's Book Club, presented by Jennifer Byrne, is running a series of programs themed around the Seven Deadly Sins, taking each in turn and examining its role in literature.

The next program on Tuesday, August 5, will consider Lust.

Whether it is lust as opposed to love, lust for power or lusting after a pair of shoes, lust is a tricky sin in this modern era. Originally considered a disordered desire for sexual pleasure and bound up in religious terms, Jennifer and her guests question how lust drives the narrative in literature and plays from Romeo and Juliet through to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Author and TV presenter Tara Moss, plus founder of The Bell Shakespeare Company, actor and director John Bell, join Jennifer and regular Book Clubbers Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger to discuss Lust in great literature.

FULL STORY: The Book Club (ABC)