Ukrainian priest calls for Putin to be banned from Brisbane G20

Fr Paul Berezniuk

A Ukraine-born Catholic priest in Newcastle, north of Sydney, says Australia should consider stopping Russian leader Vladimir Putin from attending the G20 summit in Brisbane later this year, reports The Newcastle Herald.

Fr Paul Berezniuk has joined calls for strong action against Mr Putin if the Russian leader fails to fully support an international investigation of the shooting of Malaysia Airlines MH17 and the loss of 298 lives, including 39 Australian citizens and residents.

'To be actively shunned by the international community is a big, big thing, and it’s my personal view that if you’re going to be a hindrance to coming to the truth, and fail to genuinely show sorrow for the hurt of all these communities and families, then you should not be allowed to attend the G20,' Fr Berezniuk said.

'History has shown in the past Mr Putin’s ignored what people have said, because he really doesn’t care, but he would have to notice if he was not allowed to attend the G20.'

Fr Berezniuk, who came to Australia from Ukraine in 1948 with his parents when he was 12 months old, compared the shooting down of MH17 with the Bali bombings in 2002, when 202 people were killed, and 2005, when 20 people died.

'We remember the Bali bombings because it’s now part of our history. Australians died. This is another Bali, in a different guise,' he said.

'Australia’s role here is very critical, and the word terrorism really does apply. The sacrifice of these Australian lives, along with the lives of so many others from different countries, will be the turning point of people assisting countries including Ukraine find their freedom from Russia.'

FULL STORY Newcastle Ukrainian priest calls for Australia to ban Putin from G20 (The Newcastle Herald)

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