Catholic advocates worried about reduced HIV funding

People with HIV at conference

Catholics gathered in Melbourne for the 20th International AIDS Conference worry that medical advances against the HIV pandemic are leading to decreased attention and less funding, reports the Catholic News Service.

'AIDS is not a designer charity anymore,' said Maryknoll Father Rick Bauer, a Namibia-based US missionary from the United States, who heads the international Catholic HIV and AIDS Network.

'People in the airport ask me what my red ribbon means. Fifteen years ago, everyone knew what it symbolized. Now it's different. The media has dropped us.

'And this comes just as we're starting to believe we might end the pandemic as a global health emergency by 2030,' Fr Bauer told Catholic News Service. 'To achieve that, however, we've got to get more people on treatment and get their viral loads down. Such treatment is the best prevention, but it's going to be hard to do if we can't keep attention focused on the challenge and if we can't have access to the necessary funding.'

Msgr Robert Vitillo, a special adviser on HIV and AIDS to the Catholic aid organisation Caritas Internationalis, said major strides in AIDS treatment have caused many to think it is no longer a fatal disease.

'I was in Ukraine last week and someone brought up the need for hospice care for people living with AIDS, and there was a Western European doctor along who had a hard time with the question. People had to struggle to get the European doctor to understand that people are still dying from AIDS,' Msgr Vitillo said.

International donors, particularly the US government, are cutting back support for AIDS programs in countries where growing economies have moved the nations from being considered 'poor' to now being labelled 'middle income.'

That's a mistake, AIDS activists argue. 'Donor governments want to consolidate their funding and only give big grants and want to give those to government programs. In Asia, for example, more and more governments are being recognised as middle-income economies. So the donors say they don't need money anymore,' Msgr Vitillo said.

FULL STORY At AIDS conference, Catholics worry about reduced funding for programs (CNS)

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