Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Encores this weekend

Only a limited number of cinema venues have been selected for showing this film around the world. It was planned for simultaneous cinema release in Australia and New Zealand on August 6. 

The film is of a stage show presented by the Monty Python comedy group at a live performance it gave at the O2 Arena in London in July before some 15,000 adoring fans. The group first performed together in 1969.

All five of the Pythons who are still living, perform on stage together for the last time. The film also shows archival footage for Graham Chapman, the group's sixth member (now deceased), and it features special footage for other performers, well known people, and media personalities. The show being filmed is divided into two Acts and contains 38 sketches.

It is hard to define Monty Python humour. It is absurd, whacky, shocking and surreal, and it crosses the dividing line constantly between biting satire and mocking self-parody. It is shamefully dirty at times, and can be very human. Frequently, it is nostalgic, irreverent, and confronting. How else can one describe a sketch in which Michelangelo debates with the Pope why he put 28 disciples and three Christs into his depiction of The Last Supper?

This is a one-day-only film in cinemas throughout Australia, but several cinemas across the country are having 'encore' screenings at the end of this week. Its limited release is to celebrate - through sudden exposure - reverentially and affectionately, the talents of a remarkable group of people.

- Peter Sheehan, ACOFB

Monty Python Live (Mostly)

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