Thousands take to Brisbane streets against abortion

Pro-life protest Brisbane

Thousands of pro-life marchers in Brisbane have piled the pressure on Queensland politicians to oppose a private member's bill aimed at decriminalising abortion, the Catholic Leader reports.

The people-power, pro-life message at the March for Life was clear – politicians and community leaders marched behind banners proclaiming "people deserve better than abortion", mothers held babies and pushed strollers, and families delighted in the carnival atmosphere despite the stifling Saturday-afternoon heat.

Organisers described legislation to remove abortion from the Queensland criminal code, introduced by Member for Cairns Rob Pyne, as one of the "most extreme" abortion laws in the world.

More than 25,000 people have signed a petition to oppose his two proposed bills to be debated in parliament in coming weeks and likely to be voted on by state parliament in early March.

Cherish Life Queensland president Julie Borger said the March for Life was "the most important march in Queensland's history".

Members represented the state-wide, pro-life organisation from regional Queensland as far afield as Cairns.

As they approached Parliament House, about 30 pro-abortion protesters chanted "keep your rosaries off our ovaries".

Before marching down George Street, demonstrators heard from Australian Marriage Forum president David van Gend, One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts and state Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson.

Dr van Gend recalled the experience of seeing his first child at just 13 weeks on ultrasound – a baby already recognisable inside the womb.

"Our son Robert's life had begun, indeed he had already 'come of age', because at 13 weeks all the structures of the adult body are established and only need time to grow bigger," he said.

Dr van Gend said the legislation now before parliament was the wrong way to treat a tiny baby.

The two Pyne abortion bills would remove all restraint on the taking of the life of babies up to 24 weeks.

"These babies could be aborted for any reason, such as sex-selection (as we have seen in Victoria) and by any method, no matter how cruel," Dr van Gend said. "And beyond 24 weeks, his bills give no effective restraint on abortion right up to the day of birth."


Thousands take to Brisbane streets to oppose abortion bills (Catholic Leader)

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