Wipeout: Shark threat sees school surfing axed

Open ocean surfing and surf lifesaving events have been banned (CSO Lismore)

Surfing will be banned at all Catholic schools on the North Coast of NSW due to the threat of shark attacks. Source: The Northern Star.

The Lismore Diocese which controls all Catholic schools from Port Macquarie to the Queensland border, has issued a ban on all open ocean surfing and surf lifesaving in response to the threat of "shark encounters".

A memo announcing the ban was sent to principals by Director of Catholic Schools David Condon on February 1.

It stated that the Catholic Schools Office had recently sought an independent risk assessment of parish schools conducting surfing and surf lifesaving in open waters, "specifically in relation to potential shark interactions".

"After consultation with the Catholic Schools Council, it has been determined that all Diocesan surfing, and Diocesan surf lifesaving in open waters conducted under the auspices of the Catholic Schools Office, will cease in 2018," the memo said.

At this stage it is unknown who conducted the independent risk assessment, nor what criteria were used.

The door was left open however for schools to conduct their own "independent assessments" of the risk.

The memo listed three recommendations if schools opted to continue with ocean activities:

  1. Events to be held at beaches protected with either nets or smart drumlines
  2. Drones to be used at events
  3. If no nets or smart drum lines are present, then the event should not proceed.

The memo emerges at the same time a new CSIRO report using world first genetic analysis estimated there were almost 5500 white sharks living off Australia's East Coast.

The estimate came with a huge margin for error, with the real number considered in the report as being anywhere from 2900 sharks to 12,800 sharks.


Catholic schools ban surfing over shark threat (Northern Star)

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