Beverley celebrates 50 years with her Vinnies ‘family’

Beverley Moore (far right), husband Brian (second from right) with their Vinnies’ friends (The Catholic Leader)

Beverley Moore has spent much of her life helping complete strangers through tough times, and she knows what it’s like to have others stand by her through her own struggles. Source: The Catholic Leader.

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As a long-time member of the St Vincent de Paul Society, she’s had her Vinnies “family” by her side for her two major battles – the first when her youngest son’s life was slipping away and the second during her own fight with cancer.

The St Vincent de Paul Society recently honoured Mrs Moore with a special presentation for her 50 years of service to the organisation in various parts of Queensland.

Her husband, Brian, a former state president of Vinnies, was by her side when members paid tribute to his wife during the presentation at Killarney, in the Southern Downs.

Killarney is the latest town where the Moores have volunteered as servants of the poor and needy.

For Mrs Moore, it all started at Dirranbandi, in outback southern Queensland, when she followed her husband into the Vinnies fold.

“Brian joined the St Vincent de Paul Society in Dirranbandi and Fr Bennett was there at the time, and somehow we got talking about a (Vinnies) shop and we decided to give it a try,” she said.

That woman and the friends she made through the St Vincent de Paul Society were the ones who stood by her and Mr Moore when crisis struck.

The youngest of their five sons, Russell who was then aged five, became seriously ill.

“One lung had collapsed on one side and the fluid was pushing the heart and would’ve collapsed the other lung,” Mr Moore said.

A doctor in Dirranbandi urged them to take Russell straight to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

“It was a good job we did (take him to Brisbane) – we would’ve lost Russell earlier, but we didn’t lose him in the finish, because it was divine intervention that he’s still alive,” he said. Vinnies friends were there again when Beverley had a battle with breast cancer a few years ago.

She was co-ordinator of the volunteers at the Killarney Vinnies store at the time, and rallied around her in support.

“They were very good. Good friends …,” she said.


Vinnies ‘family’ stuck by Beverely Moore through son’s illness and her battle with cancer (The Catholic Leader

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