South Australia toughens family violence laws

Of the 23 murders committed in South Australia last year, 10 were the result of domestic violence (Bigstock)

Tougher penalties and new offences will be included in revamped domestic violence laws being drafted by the South Australian Government. Source: SBS News.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman says the measures will include expanding the definition of abuse to include forced marriage and the doubling of penalties for repeated breaches of intervention orders.

“We have been working with victims and support organisations to ensure we have the best mechanisms in place to deter, detect and punish perpetrators of domestic and family violence,” Ms Chapman said yesterday.

“Creating these new offences and increasing the penalty for people who repeatedly breach intervention orders will help us protect South Australians from abusive partners.”

Other changes planned include allowing the use of recordings from police body cameras as evidence in domestic violence trials.

The new offence of non-fatal strangulation will also be introduced.

Ms Chapman said the state government would work “tirelessly to end the scourge of domestic and family violence in our community”.

She said the new legislation would also complement measures already in place including increased crisis accommodation for people who needed to leave unsafe living situations.

Ms Chapman said of the 23 murders committed in South Australia last year, 10 were the result of domestic violence, ABC News reports.

“Instead of being an attempted murder case where it may be more difficult to prove intent, the use of non-fatal force by strangulation is an offence in its own right, has a penalty in its own right, is easier to prosecute and easier to obtain a conviction,” Ms Chapman said.

“Hands are the weapon of choice and we need to make sure that we protect the vulnerable, usually women and children, in these circumstances.”


Tougher domestic violence laws for SA (SBS News)

New domestic violence laws being drafted in South Australia (ABC News)

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