Political push for euthanasia ‘dangerous and sad’

Senator Amanda Stoker (The Catholic Leader/Alan Edgecomb)

New Queensland LNP Senator Amanda Stoker predicts “terrible consequences” if euthanasia becomes law, and is determined to stand up in Parliament for her pro-life, Christian beliefs. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“People in this building should be standing up for the fundamentals – like the right to live,” Senator Stoker, a Brisbane lawyer and mother-of-three, said.

After delivering her maiden speech in federal Parliament last month, she admits “it was quite disturbing” to sit in the Senate chamber as business unfolded, including a push to overturn a 20-year-old law stopping territories from enacting their own voluntary euthanasia legislation.

On the same day, there was a referral to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the opening of each day in Parliament.

“These are distressing trends and highlight the need to have people who are confident in their faith, who value its contribution to broader society,” Senator Stoker said.

She describes the political push for allowing euthanasia as “dangerous and very sad”.

“The very first right of all of us is life,” Senator Stoker said.

“Sometimes life is difficult, challenging, illness can be frustrating and it can push the will, but ultimately our duty is to make life as comfortable and viable as it can be, not to simply end it.

“I worry about the vulnerability, particularly of older people, to abuse.

“We have a rising awareness that elder abuse is common, and there’s also that background social risk that people who are older thinking that they are a burden rather than a valued member of our society.”

A well-known face at pro-life street rallies in Brisbane, Senator Stoker said it was important to put the case against decriminalising abortion “in a way that is meaningful for people who think differently”.

Senator Stoker, an Anglican who attends church in inner city Brisbane, is the 99th woman to enter the Senate.


Senator Amanda Stoker, Queensland’s voice for life (The Catholic Leader

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