All in the mind: dealing with mental health issues

Daniel Lazaroo (The eRecord/Iceberg Media)

Understanding and coping with mental health issues and improving wellbeing were on the agenda at a Perth youth festival last week. Source: The eRecord.

Clinical Psychologist Daniel Lazaroo spoke to some 100 young Catholics on methods of dealing with mental health issues at the Veritas 2018 youth festival, held at Corpus Christi College, Bateman.

Mr Lazaroo ran two workshops to help the attendees better understand the stigma attached to mental health.

The introductory presentation covered the common psychological problems in today’s society, some coping techniques, and ways to improve one’s mental wellbeing.

“A lot of young people do struggle and find it very difficult to get support. Often things are quite volatile in terms of direction, in terms of figuring yourself out, in terms of developing,” Mr Lazaroo told The eRecord.

“We talked about some of the more serious issues that people struggle with and how to identify when to get professional help. We also talked about some of the negative stigmas around mental health.”

Mr Lazaroo explained how to handle situations with those who struggle with mental health problems.

“The first thing is to be empathetic and as loving as you can be to them; that might involve listening, giving some advice, or just by being there.

“If the situation is more severe or chronic, then that could be an indicator to seek professional assistance. They can talk to their doctors or a counsellor,” he added.

Mr Lazaroo deals predominantly with adolescents and young adults. His desire to help others greatly influenced his vocation in psychology after dabbling in engineering, business, marketing and communications.

Veritas 2018, organised by Catholic Youth Ministry, saw more than 900 people in attendance across the three-day event – a record figure for the Perth festival.


VERITAS 2018: Coping mechanisms at the forefront of Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop (The eRecord)

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