New chapter as Campion and Ramsay Centre team up

John Howard at Campion College yesterday (Facebook/Reitsma Constructions)

The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation and Campion College are working towards a co-operative arrangement that would involve pooling resources, former prime minister John Howard announced yesterday. Source: The Australian.

Mr Howard, the Ramsay Centre chairman, opened two new residential buildings at the Catholic liberal arts college in western Sydney, which has 100 students.

Its liberal arts degree, based on the study of the “great books’’ of Western civilisation, covers history, literature, philosophy, science, Latin, maths and theology.

“The Ramsay Centre and Campion share common values and a commitment to educate students in the tradition of the best of the great books,’’ Mr Howard said.

An audit of 750 history subjects across 35 universities last year by the Institute of Public Affairs found Campion College was one of just three institutions covering all essential core topics in the history of Western civilisation.

The Ramsay Centre, funded by the income from a multi-billion-­dollar bequest from healthcare billionaire Paul Ramsay, is working to provide scholarships for students to undertake liberal arts degrees at Australia’s sandstone universities.

In June, a proposed arrangement between Ramsay and the Australian National University fell over at the last minute after objections raised by the National Tertiary Education Union and the university’s student association.

Mr Howard said the need for a college such as Campion, the first of its kind in Australia, was greater than ever before, when the values and understandings of the Bible were under constant challenge from rampant political correctness.

“If Paul Ramsay had been alive, he would be here today saying something very strongly in support of Campion,’’ Mr Howard said.

Campion College, which opened in 2006, was the culmination of years of work by retired Queensland businessman James Power, who donated the capital and time to establish the project.

Its 200-plus graduates to date work in teaching, medicine, law, academia, business, journalism and religious life.


Ramsay Centre and Campion College team up to save civilisation (The Australian

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