Vinnies CEO calls for action on housing affordability crisis

Jack de Groot (Vinnies NSW)

Sydney is in the grip of a housing affordability crisis, says St Vincent de Paul Society NSW chief Jack de Groot. Source: Daily Telegraph.

Speaking on World Homeless Day on Wednesday and ahead of a forum in Hornbsy in Sydney’s upper North Shore later this month, Mr de Groot said major political parties had to show bipartisan support to tackle the problem.

“Whether you’re Labor or Liberal, it’s about how we afford to live in this state,” he said.

“We spent a week justifying worry about advertising on the Opera House, and which minister stands on which seat, and there is a massive issue of concern in the electorate.

“I think as the state election comes around, it has to be both parties that are committed to housing affordability and it’s not just for those to buy, but to rent.

“I think the government forgot the right of people to live in dignity and the right to live in their community.

The affordability forum at Hornsby RSL Club will comprise key players including real estate agents, politicians, developers, builders and non-government organisation representatives to discuss affordable rents, not just budgets for buyers.

“The number of people renting has grown,” he said.

“We are not talking about people on really low income but key workers.”

Mr de Groot said he wanted the government to set targets of 15 per cent affordable housing in new developments.

The forum will discuss measures that allow renters to stay in the same property for long periods to provide stability.

“If you look at the last 20 years of extraordinary growth and building developments, there is no excuse for us not to build inclusive communities close to their families, close to their work and where their friendship groups are,” Mr de Groot said.

“It’s not sustainable that housing is for those that are only incredibly wealthy.

“We know it’s an issue that affects every family in the state.”


Vinnies CEO says housing affordability in NSW should be a priority (Daily Telegraph

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