We could all show a little kindness

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If we each focused on simply being kind to those around us, we could make a difference in the world, writes Sr Melissa Dwyer. Source: The Catholic Leader.

We are made for mission, to make a difference. I’ve always been inspired by the words of Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Yet sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in doing “big things” that impact on others, and we can forget how important the small things are.

Rather than focusing on changing the world, perhaps if we each focused on doing our little bit of good where we are, on simply being kind to those around us, we could create a tidal wave of transformation.

My first memories of learning about kindness came from my grandmother. She lived in Sydney and when I was in primary school, she would call early every Sunday morning.

Each week she would ask me two questions. The first was: “Have you been to Mass?”. The second question: “Have you been kind to your mother?”

For her, faith and kindness were inseparable, as she sought to teach me the value of doing small things out of love. She wasn’t a famous person, she wasn’t successful in the eyes of the world. Yet despite her ill health, every day she would walk the streets looking for people just to be kind to. ;In her death, I believe she entrusted me with her mission, to try to do the small things well.

Acting with kindness is something that anyone can do, no matter how young or how old. Showing kindness costs nothing and is not governed by economic status, language or geographical location.

As a Church, there are countless invitations to consider how we can best meet the needs of the marginalised and how we can advocate for those who are oppressed.

However, in the midst of our aspiring to bring about lasting change in the lives of others, we need to be careful to never forget basic kindness in the way we deal with one another and all those we meet.

– Sr Melissa Dwyer is a religious sister of the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Brisbane.

If you want our society to be more empathetic and kind – it begins with you (The Catholic Leader)

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