The quiet God

Fr Ron Rolheiser

One of the reasons why we struggle with faith is that God's presence is rarely dramatic, overwhelming, sensational or something impossible to ignore. God doesn't work like that, writes Fr Ron Rolheiser.

The 12th-century Persian poet Rumi submits that we live with a deep secret that sometimes we know, and then not.

That can be very helpful in understanding our faith.

God's presence, much to our frustration and loss of patience sometimes, is something that lies quiet and seemingly helpless inside us. It rarely makes a huge splash.

Because we are not sufficiently aware of this, we tend to misunderstand the dynamics of faith and find ourselves habitually trying to ground our faith on precisely something that is loud and dramatic. We are forever looking for something beyond what God gives us.

But we should know from the very way God was born into our world that faith needs to ground itself on something that is quiet and undramatic. Jesus, as we know, was born into our world with no fanfare and no power, a baby lying helpless in the straw.

Nothing spectacular to human eyes surrounded His birth. Then, during His ministry, He never performed miracles to prove His divinity, but only as acts of compassion or to reveal something about God.

Jesus never used divine power in an attempt to prove that God exists, beyond doubt. His ministry wasn't an attempt to prove God's existence. It was intended to teach us what God is like and that God loves us unconditionally.

Moreover, Jesus' teaching about God's presence in our lives also makes clear that this presence is mostly quiet and hidden, a plant growing silently as we sleep, yeast leavening dough in a manner hidden from our eyes, summer slowly turning a barren tree green, an insignificant mustard plant surprising us with its growth.

God, it seems, works in ways that are quiet and hidden from our eyes. The God that Jesus incarnates is neither dramatic nor splashy.

And there's an important faith lesson in this. Simply put, God lies inside us, but in a way that's almost non-existent, almost unfelt, largely unnoticed and easily ignored.

However, while that presence is never overpowering, it has within it a gentle, unremitting imperative, a compulsion towards something higher, which invites us to draw upon it. And, if we do draw upon it, it gushes up in us in an infinite stream that instructs us, nurtures us and fills us with endless energy.

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