Four Corners: 'The Pope's Revolution'

Man on a mission

BBC Panorama profiles Pope Francis, looking at the reasons behind his election and his track record as a leader; travelling to Argentina to speak with the Pope's family, friends and critics; and to Rome to examine the challenges ahead.

In this episode of ABC TV's Four Corners program, Kerry O'Brien presents 'The Pope's Revolution,' a BBC Panorama program reported by Jane Corbin; and interviews Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane and Vatican observer Robert Mickens.

Kerry O'Brien: 'Pope Francis is the first non-European pope in 1200 years, and a man who embraced the name of the most humble of all saints, and has been seen to resist the trappings of one of the world's most powerful offices.

'When Francis was elected by his fellow cardinals in March last year, the Catholic Church was reeling from decades of scandal and cover up with its moral authority in tatters.

'His challenges were profound, not least to establish his own authority over entrenched forces within the Vatican and the wider Church, who have come to be seen as a fundamental part of the problems.

'Fourteen months later, Francis has certainly differentiated himself from his predecessors, and laid down some impressive markers that suggest his determination to reform the Church is real.

'But how deep is the opposition he faces, and can he deliver?

'Shortly I'll be talking with a very senior Church spokesman and a Vatican insider about these issues, but first Jane Corbin from the BBC's Panorama program goes in search of the man who has already come to be known as the People's Pope.'

To watch this episode at ABC iView, CLICK HERE.


TRANSCRIPT of Kerry O'Brien Interview with Archbishop Coleridge and Robert Mickens

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