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22 Dec 2020

As one of the Church’s most visited Catholic websites and most-read electronic newsletters, CathNews is a great place to advertise your products and services. CathNews has a strong partnership with a number of key Catholic educational institutions, mission-based organisations and other companies that have a particular connection with members of the Catholic Church.

CathNews offers a number of display advertising opportunities on our website, as well as in our newsletter that is emailed to 13,000 subscribers each weekday from mid-January until December 23. Click here to download the current Media Kit for advertising rates and specifications. Email [email protected] to enquire about availability or to book display advertising.

CathNews is also the go-to place for Catholic organisations looking to attract and recruit new staff. Click here to find out more about job advertising in CathNews.


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27 Apr 2017

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27 Apr 2017

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09 Jun 2013

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If you would like to submit a story to CathNews, you can e-mail us at [email protected].


Advertising opportunities

CathNews offers a unique opportunity for organisations to advertise to a niche target market within the religious and not-for-profit sector.

For information, please view the profile, specifications and RATES. Or email [email protected]


Job Ads/Positions

For CathNews Job Ads please view the Job Ads profile here: Job Ad pricing

Please submit your role via the online form (click here).

For further information relating to job advertising please email [email protected].


General/Display ads

CathNews offers a range of advertising options to advertise products, services or events. Banner ads of various sizes can be placed on our website and in our newsletters. To book and place banner ads please email [email protected].

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