Vatican rules God must be recognised as Our Father

Gender-neutral phrases used in the Liturgy have been ruled as invalid by the Vatican saying anyone baptised using any other term other than "Our Father" will have to be re-baptised.

The Age reports the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith said variations such as Redeemer, Creator and Sanctifier arise from "feminist thology" and are used to avoid using the words Father and Son which are held to be chavanistic.

"The traditional form of Father, Son and Holy Ghost have to be respected," a statement read from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

The alternative phrases originated in North America and started to become popular in the past few years and are particularly in the Church of England.

Recently, it was reported that guidelines to bishops and priests advised them to avoid "uncritical use of masculine imagery".

In his book, The Ratzinger Report, he wrote that he was "convinced that what feminism promotes in its radical form is no longer the Christianity that we know; it is another religion."

The Vatican said anyone baptised under the feminist terms could invalidate their marriage.

Cardinal Urbano Navarrete, who wrote a formal commentary on the ruling, warned that anyone who attempted to baptise someone with a gender-neutral form would be penalised.


Pope stays with the name of the Father (The Age 02/03/08)

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