Bringing St Mary MacKillop to kids

Saint Story is the first ebook for children on St Mary MacKillop (Gozo Bonkers)

The life of St Mary MacKillop has been captured in a new e-book for children. Author Jane Maisey explains its origins on the Sisters of St Joseph website.

In 1868 Mary MacKillop let these words burst forth into the world: “Believe in the whisperings of God to your own heart.”

In early March of this year I found myself looking online for eBooks about Saints. To my surprise there was very little, and there was absolutely nothing for Mary MacKillop. How could this be?

While discovering this I felt my own whisper, I felt an energy start to form within me, a light-bulb moment burst forth as I thought: “Well, I could create one!”

Going in completely blind (and fairly naive), I rolled my sleeves up, got out my pencils and started sketching. I researched cartoon styles via aunty Google and also looked back at what people loved so much about my Saint Cards [cartoon prayer cards for children]. I kept listening to my spirit through prayer, and felt energised as the process continued.

Many late nights and weekends ensued. Once you feel energy that bursts forth from a whispering it’s not something that can be simply turned off, one must continue through open curiosity and trust.

I have drawn cartoons from an early age, so I was able to create the cartoons. Previous work as a graphic designer gifted me the skills to create a custom font, colour the sketches and design the layout. Staff helped me to source photographs, Sisters also helped me to fact check and proof read (Marie Foale rsj and Dolores Maisey were invaluable).

Saint Story was released on the feast of the Sacred Heart. All proceeds will be donated to the works of Mary MacKillop International.


Saint Story - eBook (Sisters of St Joseph)

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