Facebook restores blocked sites

Malfunction was blamed for the removal of Catholic Facebook pages (Unsplash)

Facebook has restored more than 20 Catholic pages in Portuguese and English that were blocked on Tuesday, citing a malfunction in the system, CNA reports.

In a statement to ACI Prensa, a Facebook spokesperson said, "The pages were re-established. The incident was a malfunction of the spam detection mechanism in our platform. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Facebook unpublished at least 25 pages on Monday and Tuesday - 21 in Portuguese and four in English - without giving an initial explanation to page administrators.

The blocked Catholic pages each had between hundreds of thousands and six million followers.

Hours after CNA and other media published a story about the blocked pages yesterday, all blocked pages had been returned to normal.

In statements collected by ChurchPop.com, Carlos René, administrator of the page "Papa Francisco Brazil," said that the page was available again "without notification. I just realised that it was already on the air."

While Facebook has now clarified the incident, the site did not immediately provide an explanation to page administrators for the restorations. The owners and administrators of sites such as "Father Rocky," "Catholic and Proud," and "Jesus" said they realised that their pages had returned after seeing their accounts were back online.

In 2016, Facebook came under fire for allegedly censoring trends to news deemed "conservative".

On that occasion, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg rejected the allegations of censorship, and met with conservative US leaders to assure them Facebook's neutrality.

In the past, user accounts have also been inadvertently blocked on Facebook due to system glitches, or numerous complaints against the page in a short time period. In these cases, Facebook restored the accounts after reviewing their content.


Facebook restores blocked Catholic pages, citing malfunction (CNA)


Facebook restores Catholic pages after their accidental removal (CNS)

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