Believers, put your hands up for your faith

Scott Morrison at Horizon Church on Easter Sunday (

It would be absurd to suggest Christians in Australia face active persecution, but there is an increasing atmosphere of hostility and contempt for Christianity, writes Greg Sheridan. Source: The Australian.

There he is in photos and on television, Scott Morrison, our prime minister, in an open-neck shirt, right arm high in the sky, palm forward, eyes closed, swaying in song and prayer, at the Horizon Pentecostal church that he and his family have attended since they moved into Sutherland Shire on Sydney’s southern beaches.

It is a striking image, one we’ve not seen before. Prime ministers at prayer are normally solemn, not to say po-faced, in the front pew of an Anglican or sometimes Catholic cathedral, at the funeral of a fellow politician or at Christmas or Easter, well dressed in a suit and tie. We almost never see them in their own regular worship.

The Morrison image was so novel it was not surprising it drew attention. It was pushed off the front pages by the tragic and terrible images of the churches and hotels bombed in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

The terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka remind us that Christianity is the most heavily persecuted religion in the world. The persecution of Christians doesn’t gain the attention it should in mainstream Western media because that media is still in thrall to the idea that Christianity represents a powerful establishment, whereas in most places it is likelier to represent a marginalised people.

It is also the case that Christianity, though in decline in the West, is on fire with new growth and conversions in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Australia has an enviable record of religious pluralism and good-natured tolerance. This is starting to wear a bit thin as a virulent anti-Christian prejudice has crept into much elite culture in the past few decades.


Hands up for your faith (The Australian

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