Gender ideology opposed to faith: Vatican

The new document from the Congregation for Catholic Education “Male and Female He Created Them” (Vatican Media)

Catholic schools must help parents teach young people that biological sex and gender are naturally fixed at birth and part of God’s plan for creation, said the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education. Source: CNS.

In a document published yesterday, the congregation said the Church and those proposing a looser definition of gender can find common ground in “a laudable desire to combat all expressions of unjust discrimination,” in educating children to respect all people, in respecting the “equal dignity of men and women” and in promoting respect for “the values of femininity”.

And while great care must be taken to respect and provide care for persons who “live situations of sexual indeterminacy,” those who teach in the name of the Church must help young people understand that being created male and masculine or female and feminine is part of God’s plan for them.

The document, “Male and Female He Created Them: Toward a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education,” was signed by Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the education congregation, and Archbishop Angelo Zani, congregation secretary.

The document recognised a distinction between “the ideology of gender,” which it said tries to present its theories as “absolute and unquestionable,” and the whole field of scientific research on gender, which attempts to understand the ways sexual difference is lived out in different cultures.

While claiming to promote individual freedom and respect for the rights of each person, the document said, those who see gender as a personal choice or discovery unconnected to biological sex are promoting a vision of the human person that is “opposed to faith and right reason.”

The document insisted that modern gender ideology and the idea that one chooses or discovers his or her gender go against nature by arguing that “the only thing that matters in personal relationships is the affection between the individuals involved, irrespective of sexual difference or procreation, which would be seen as irrelevant in the formation of families.”


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