Students find low-tech solution to deal with ‘chaotic world’

Mount Carmel Catholic College Varroville students pray the Rosary (CEDOW)

Students at a Catholic school in Macarthur, New South Wales, take time out each Friday to pray the Rosary, growing in faith and developing a love for Our Lady. Source: Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong.

Jaden, a year 11 student at Mount Carmel Catholic College in Varroville, said living a busy life can get overwhelming, but he’s found a very low-tech solution through praying the Rosary.

“As a student, I am one of many who seem to almost lose themselves in the rush of schoolwork, extra-curricular activities and growing responsibilities,” Jaden said.

“In this chaotic world, controlled by social media and influenced by the advancement of technology, it’s easy to not find time for reflection and engagement with faith, and to lose track of the important things in life.”

Jaden said through the guidance of the school’s assistant religious education coordinator, Igor Pletikosa, he had “found a kind of haven or escape from the demands and ongoing pressures of our society” by attending the weekly Rosary session held at Mount Carmel.

“I have witnessed [the weekly sessions] grow profoundly,” Jaden said. “What began as a weekly religious assembly of praying the rosary every Friday, has now grown into an ongoing spiritual culture of nourishing our faith.

“The rhythm of the repetitious prayer can have a profound spiritual effect. It can take us deeper, settle our minds, slow us down, heal our wounds, calm our hearts and enable us to rest in God’s presence, creating peace that is rare and beautiful.”

This year, the school initiated another opportunity for authentic evangelisation during May, which they coined the Month of Mary Rosary Challenge.

Mr Pletikosa said the challenge encouraged staff and students to pray a daily decade of the Rosary at different locations throughout the school.

“This tradition of the Church has been well embraced by the students, who have sought to further mature in their faith,” he said.


The Power of Prayer: Month of Mary Rosary Challenge (Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong) 

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