Boys’ school prepares for first female students

Girls will make up half of the school’s year 7 intake for 2021(Marist College North Sydney)

The 132-year-old Marist Brothers boys’ high school in North Sydney is preparing to welcome the first female students into year 7 next year. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

By Jordan Baker, Sydney Morning Herald.

A maroon tunic has been added to the uniform, netball hoops are joining the basketball ones, and the names of the sports houses, which mostly commemorate notable priests, will be changed to include more women.

The school has also been putting its staff and boys through gender bias training.

Acting principal Brigid Taylor said the school did not wat to “reinforce any stereotypes for the boys or girls”.

From next year the boys’ school, which will be known as Marist College North Shore will combine with St Mary’s Primary next door to become a co-ed school spanning kindergarten to year 12 with 1200 students.

Half of the 200 students entering year seven will be girls, and their numbers will increase with each year. Within a decade, the school aims to have 2000 students at a campus that also includes an early learning centre and a business hub.

To prepare, Marist College has built new bathrooms, introduced curriculum options such as dance, and built a garden area where the year 7 girls can take refuge from the 800-odd boys that will still dominate the high school campus next year.


Dance, netball and gender bias training; how a boys’ school prepares for girls (Sydney Morning Herald

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