Trump and Biden court the Catholic vote

Donald Trump and Joe Biden (CNS/Kevin Lamarque Reuters,  and Tom Brenner, Reuters)

With a little more than three months to go until the US election, the campaigns of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are each making efforts to attract Catholic voters, writes Michael O’Loughlin. Source: America Magazine.

The Catholic vote is a once-reliable Democratic constituency that in recent years has been up for grabs. The campaigns and their surrogates say the choice is stark, each highlighting issues they believe will appeal to their kinds of Catholic voters: those motivated primarily by abortion and those who see in the last four years a turn away from caring for society’s most marginalised.

Mr Biden has spoken frequently about his own faith while talking to voters, especially in the early primary states. His campaign has so far courted voters motivated by their faith by inserting “values” language into outreach aimed at traditional Democratic cohorts, such as women, Hispanics and LGBT people.

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, has resurrected its Catholics for Trump group. The campaign held a YouTube event in May after an in-person launch was scrapped in March because of the pandemic. The event, which was supposed to be held in Wisconsin, drew criticism from at least one Catholic bishop, who wanted to distance the institutional church from the rally.

Another member of Catholics for Trump who was part of the YouTube event says she is supporting the President’s re-election because of his views on abortion, an issue she said “reveals the heart and soul of a candidate and is a roadmap to their other positions.”

Recent polls suggest that Catholics are more or less split when it comes to the two candidates.

Michael O’Loughlin is the national correspondent for America Magazine.


How Trump and Biden are courting Catholic voters (America Magazine

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