Renters face eviction as moratoriums end

Queensland has already ended protections for renters, while moratoriums in other states will end early next year (Bigstock)

Hundreds of thousands of renters could face eviction when moratoriums end around Australia, an advocacy group’s new report says. Source: The Guardian.

In the report released today, Better Renting analysed publicly available data on rent deferrals and negotiations to estimate how many tenants are experiencing rental debt throughout Australia.

The group estimated 5 per cent to 15 per cent of tenants may be in rental debt, which would equate to 324,000 to 973,000 people.

According to the low-end estimate, that would mean 106,000 people in New South Wales, 84,000 in Victoria, 73,000 in Queensland, 30,000 in Western Australia and 19,000 in South Australia were in rental debt. The ACT and Tasmania were estimated to have 5,000 people in rental debt each and the Northern Territory 3,000.

“These are people who could lose their current home if they remain in rental debt and landlords begin issuing termination notices as moratoriums are lifted,” the report said.

Eviction moratoriums were put in place in all states and territories to varying degrees from the start of the pandemic but the safeguards are now being withdrawn.

Queensland ended protections for residential tenants on 30 September, while moratoriums in other states will end early next year, mostly in March.

The potential rent bomb stems from tenants who were unable to secure rent reductions in negotiations with their landlords. Instead, they received a rent deferral, meaning debt continued to accrue.


Australia's rent 'bomb' risk means countless renters could face eviction (By Luke Henriques-Gomes, The Guardian

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