Francis says Mary is not ‘co-redemptrix’

Pope Francis prays in front of a sculpture of Mary and the Christ Child at the Domus Sanctae Marthae chapel, Vatican City, April 2020 (CNS/Vatican Media)

Pope Francis said yesterday the Virgin Mary is not a co-redemptrix with Christ, a title which some theological movements in recent decades have tried to assign to the Mother of God. Source: Crux.

Jesus, Francis said speaking off-the-cuff, entrusted the entire Church and all the faithful to Mary, but “as a mother. Not as a goddess. Not as a co-redemptrix. As a mother.”

“It’s true that Christian piety always gives beautiful titles to her, like a son to the mother … how many beautiful things does a son say to the mother? But pay attention: the [beautiful] things that the Church, the saints, say to Mary, take nothing away from Christ’s uniqueness as a redeemer,” the Pope added, always looking away from his prepared remarks.

“He [Christ] is the only redeemer. They [Marian titles] are expressions of love like a son to the mother, sometimes exaggerated, but we know love always makes us do exaggerated things. Lovesickness,” Francis said.

The title of Mary as “co-redemptrix” dates to the Middle Ages, and the idea of declaring it as a church dogma was discussed, though not adopted, at the Second Vatican Council. In the 1990s, American Catholic theologian Mark Miravalle launched a petition asking the Pope to make such a declaration, and today the “co-redemptrix” devotion tends to be strongest among more conservative Catholics.

Yesterday, Francis that Christ is the mediator par excellence, the “bridge that we cross to turn to the Father,” and the only redeemer: “Every prayer that we give to God is for Christ, with Christ and through Christ, and are realised through his intersession.”

“There is no other name by which we can be saved,” Francis insisted.

Mary is the “path” to Jesus, and has a role of “privilege” as the mother of Jesus, to the point that she might even been considered as “the first apostle,” who always “points her finger to Christ,” always present in the key passages of the Gospel: “such as at Cana, when her Son, thanks to her caring intervention, performs his first ‘sign’, and then on Golgotha at the foot of the cross.”


Once again, Pope Francis says Mary is not the ‘co-redemptrix’ (Crux)

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